About Me:
I have a strong vein of public service running in me and would like to contribute my whole self to the development of Kerala in all possible ways. We have the best climate, the most beautiful natural settings and a very skilled manpower all across Kerala and all these, if maneuvered properly, would result in wonderful effects. When I was the Director of The School of Applicable Mathematics (M G University) I had a dream to cater to the needs of the growing student population in a well-meaning fashion and this is when the Institute of Professional Studies and Research (IPSR) was started in 1999. After one year in 2000, ipsr solutions Ltd. was incorporated and IPSR Group stands out as a best example for an industry - institution interaction.
I am hopeful of converting IPSR Group into one of the best organisations in India within a period of 10 years and also venture out into overseas activities. I don't consider this an impossible endeavour, thanks to the committed and experienced workforce I have with me.
I am an avid traveler and love driving. I attend spiritual retreats quite often to keep my mind and body fit for service. I enjoy the simple things in life and believe that hard work and sincerity never goes unnoticed.