Academic Chronicle:
About 15-20% of one's life is spent for academics and I must say, thus, it plays a pivotal role in molding a person. My sincere gratitude to my teachers, class fellows and colleagues, who helped in reaching where I am today.

Summary of Qualifications:-

  • A PhD in Operations Research, has two years experience as Director of the School of Applicable Mathematics, with exposure to all aspects of academic administration, course design and evaluation, faculty recruitment, student selection, placement etc.
  • Has experience in administering the Master of Management Science (MMSc) course and so is well versed in management education.
  • Has experience in administration of a self-financing institute
  • Has 23 years teaching experience and 3 years research experience.
  • Organised many seminars, coordinated 2 UGC sponsored refresher courses, resource person for 6 refresher courses.
  • Published 16 papers, communicated 6 papers and presented 5 papers. Attended 6 conferences. Life member of 4 professional societies.

    Schooling:                 - St. Vincent EMHS, Pala
    PDC:                         - KE College, Manannam
    BSc:                          - Deva Matha College, Kuravinlangadu
    MSc:                         - St. Joseph's College, Calicut.
    Mphil:                        - (Mathematics - Numerical analysis), Meerut University
    Ph.D:                        - (Mathematics - Operations Research), Meerut University